Our staff

Dr Matteo Galante

Member of the Councils of the College of Certified Public Accountants of Piacenza and of the Foundation for Public Accountants of Piacenza.
Entered in the Register of Public Accountants and Accounting Professionals of Piacenza (No. 283 Section A, with seniority from 13 April 2000).
Entered in the Register of Auditors (No. 120486 from 19 April 2001, Official Gazette 36 of 8 May 2001).
Specialist course: advanced training workshop in international taxation from the Ezio Vanoni School of Economics and Finance
Specialist in: international taxation, tax litigation, corporate balance sheets, bankruptcy proceedings at the Court of Piacenza, expert witness at the Court of Piacenza, commercial and corporate law, company valuations, management control and business organisation, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and statutory audits.






Dr Alessandra Razza

Specialist in limited liability companies and management of ordinary accounting, company balance sheets, blacklist forms, Intrastat forms, tax returns.

Dr Silvia Paraboschi

Specialist in ordinary and simplified accounting, company balance sheets, contract registrations, financial and economic cost analyses, tax returns.

Silvana Capellini, accountant

Specialist in ordinary and simplified accounting, professionals, tax returns, Companies Register and Entratel.






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